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Love isn't easy

Are you in love? I am! And it isn't easy. Whenever I see him I would look like to look good but I'm a teenager and have many problems:1.You always want to look good2.You eat so much chocolate or other sweets what leads to pimples (and excludes point 1 completely)3. Everybody look what you wear4. If you want to be cool you must share everything on soziale networks (and must look pretty cool)5. You must be attractive for boys/girls (as if the other things didn't reach)Did you ever fall in love and know that the boy/ girl loves someone else? That's my first problem, but my second problem is bigger. The girl that he loves is one of my best friends and she loves him too. She know that I love him. He has never said that he loves her, but I think that you can see it. He looks everytime to her and he talks so much with her(normally is he quiet). Last year he loved me. He didn't say that but I think so. I don't know what i can do. I grant it them, but… I don't know. I love him and it is so badly to see how amorous they are (sorry for my bad English but I'm from Germany). I have another point for teenager problems:6. It's the time where you are in love and would like to know whether the boy/ girl loves you tooSome things in those you can see that a boy loves you:1.He often looks at you 2.Follow whether he is nervous or different then he was before if he talks with you3.Follow whether his friends jolly him. When they know that he loves you they maybe jolly him4. Look whether he chats more with you5. if his puppies be smaller, he loves youSome things in those you can see that a girl loves you:1.Look whether she plays with her hair when she talks with you2. It's the same thing as the boys have. When a girl loves you, she always looks to you and when you look to her, she advert one's eyes3. When a girl loves a boy she wants to be in his nearness4.Look what her friends do. Mostly her friends know when she is in love5.Her pupils get a bit biggerHave you other ideas or know you that things? Are you in a situation where you love someone and this person loves someone else? At the end, sorry for my bad English but I'm from Germany and aren't so good in English.YoursGirl Love
30.11.16 21:28


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